Black Women with Tattoos

Black women, black men, and tattoos.
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  1. bstokeling91 says:

    im 19 and considering geting a tattoo, but i agree with everything you said, my cousin has like three exboyfriends names on her body and thats just not sexy. that part about abuse made me laugh though

  2. BlaqGurl25 says:

    First of all, a child has no business getting a tattoo. I am a black woman who wears and enjoys rocking my tattoos. I am heavily tatted and proud, I’m also college educated. It’s a personal choice, I have them all on my arm, I wear them because I love art and the art form and not to be sexy or draw attention to myself. Simply for the beauty and passion that go into tattooing.

  3. ProverbialHammer says:

    Tattoos on black women looks really nasty.

  4. DJaySnoopZ says:

    I have 14 tattoos and im 20 is that cool ? Lmao !!! And one is on my hand …and for some odd reason i cant never get a job….and just like he said they all where white people…lmao !!!

  5. glasscitadel12 says:

    i don’t care what guys do, but i can’t stand to see women with tatoos.

  6. gothbaby6 says:

    …I want a tattoo…I have for years actually (the only place I can think of is my neck…because when I get married one day…then comes children…then stretch marks lol) As long as women (& men) aren’t getting tattoos on their face…I don’t see what the big deal is…

  7. strrblck says:

    Hilarious! Coming from a female with a tattoo I loved your commentary :) .

  8. snipermg6 says:

    wow….these aren t mothers nowadays…these are morons with kids…..

    a 14 year old with a tattoo…wow…..

    how are you going to get a job with a tattoo on your neck or hand….

  9. Shareeberrie says:

    I’m clean and I’m going to stay that way. Tats make a woman look dirty…

  10. EbonyRose310 says:

    Good Advice.

  11. 09dawnie says:

    Words of wisdom. I’m a sista, I’ll take it into consideration.

  12. phoneke says:

    I also hate it when women get tattoos on their biceps…it does look masculine. I’m starting to hate the side of the neck thing too. However,the ankle and lower back doesn’t bother me that much. But I rather see a woman with a nice complexion just keep it as that…a nice complexion.

  13. deatha44 says:

    I have to agree, Im not big on tattos on a woman, although it is quite common in our african culture to “mark our bodies, either temporarily or permanently.

  14. deatha44 says:


  15. lljames288 says:

    My man Jewels mad love to ya for what ya doin. I too was one of those 14 yr old who asked mom for a tat, but thanks to g’ma i got some biblical reference. The human body is a temple and is not in our possession. It should remain pure. Getting a tattoo with no prior knowledge of this is cool but, to keep it 100, NO tattoo is acceptable!!!

  16. thebigcomment says:

    Thanx big guy YOU SUCK

  17. torbecire says:

    Hey man, what about tattooing “I love mum.” We all love our mamas.

  18. KATMTAM says:

    i will do everything you want on webcam. i like sex! n

  19. healthynuggets says:

    I am so horny right now!!! k

  20. aryanavonteese says:

    speak for yourself

  21. JewelsLogan says:

    VR Troopers! I remember that! lol

  22. rss22 says:

    LOL @ thunder cats! Me at 14, I would’ve gotten a tat taht said “VR Trooper”! Or “Black Ranger” or something. Yeah, children shouldn’t have tats at all. I don’t too much love tats, I love just the pure natural skin with it’s natural flaws.

  23. RusticBeauty says:

    I think it is just as sexy for a guy not to have a tattoo, but that is super rare.

  24. JewelsLogan says:


  25. arcomtheslayer says:

    mine would have said “and knowing is half the battle!” or “VOLTRON” thats why i’m glad i didn’t get one when i was young

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